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What is indivisible Works Contract ?

 ( Difference between Normal Sale & Works Contract )

The works contracts are not normal sales. In the normal sale there is a transfer of property in definite or ascertained goods. The goods remain same before and after the delivery of the goods. However, in works contracts it does not happen. The goods before the delivery and after the execution of works contracts are different, many times in different form also. For example, at the site of construction of a building, before the Construction (works contract) commences, the goods like cement, steel, sand etc. are lying but after the Construction a building (immovable goods) comes to an existence. This is the difference between the ` Normal” sale and the “deemed sale” in the indivisible works contract .

The Supreme Court of India, in its various landmark judgments has confirmed in the following wordings the difference between a normal sale (as defined under the sale of goods Act) and an indivisible / composite works contract;

“In a contract of sale, the main object is the transfer of Property and delivery of the possession of Chattel as a Chattel to the buyer, where it is not so, it is a contract of Works & Labour” (Hindustan Aeronautics Ltd. 55-STC 314-SC).

“If the thing to be delivered has any individual existence before the delivery as the property of the party who is to deliver it, then it is a sale. If the main object of the work undertaken is not the transfer of a Chattel qua Chattel, the contract is one for work and labour” (Hindustan Shipyard – 119 STC 533-SC).

“The activity is a sale or works contract depends upon the facts, the terms and conditions and the intention of the parties” (Mekenzis Ltd.-165 STC-58 SC)

In normal practice, we can identify many indivisible/composite works contracts namely construction of a Building, erection of Plant & Machinery, Processing jobs, Job works, Repair jobs, Electrical Fittings, Annual maintenance Contracts (AMCs). Installation of Elevators, Air Conditioners, Repairs of Vehicles, Re-trending of old tyres, Customized Printing Jobs, Electro Plating, electro-galvanizing, anodizing etc. We would discuss later , the levy of Sales Tax/VAT on such activities which are indivisible works contracts.

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